Calvary Baptist Church Lakeland 2023

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Calvary Baptist Church, located in Lakeland, Florida, recently underwent a construction project to develop a modern and spacious facility for their congregation. To elevate their Sunday worship experience, they collaborated with MABE to incorporate cutting-edge AVL technology.


After careful consideration, we selected the Adamson IS7 line arrays in conjunction with the IS118 subwoofers for the audio setup. The IS7 line array features advanced waveguide technology, enabling precise control of dispersion patterns and ensuring optimal coverage across the entire listening area. Its seamless integration with the IS118 subs further enhances the low-frequency reproduction, resulting in a rich and deep bass response that can be felt and heard throughout the venue. The WAVES Audio DSPro StageGrid 4000 stood out as a reliable and versatile option when considering which control surface to use for audio processing. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of frequent use, making it a long-lasting investment. Another advantage of the DSPro StageGrid 4000 is its compatibility with a wide range of audio software systems and its very compact in its design.


The Vista Chroma-Q MV-2048 console offers unparalleled control and flexibility. It’s advanced features and intuitive interface allow users to easily program and manipulate lighting cues to create stunning visual effects. Calvary’s lighting designers can create unique lighting arrangements by utilizing Chavuet’s innovative lighting fixtures, including the Chauvet Maverick Force 2, Rogue 2 Wash, and Rogue 1 Wash.


The DSV Optic-2X LED wall is a revolutionary display technology that has transformed visual content. With a pixel pitch of only 2.9mm, this LED wall offers an exceptionally high resolution, ensuring stunning image quality and sharpness. The Optic-2X technology utilizes advanced LED modules that produce vivid and vibrant colors, enhancing the overall visual experience. The Panasonic PT-MZ880BU7 8K projector is a top-notch technology that seamlessly integrates with any LED wall. With this projector, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish between the LED wall and the screens.

MABE is pleased to support the future growth of Calvary Baptist Church and assist them in enhancing their AVL system. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the church and look forward to collaborating with them on future projects!


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