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We specialize in designing sound, lighting, video and projection technologies for multiple industries including education, religious and business entities.

At first glance, it might seem that you have numerous options when searching for the right AV company, but as you dive deeper, you quickly realize there’s only one at the top, MABE. At MABE, our uniqueness has always started with you, our client. Our consistent approach centers around our belief in not only servicing your needs for the short-term, but also partnering with you to exceed your long-term goals for this project and beyond.

MABE Concert

We Believe in Collaboration

Keeping your vision is the center of our focus. Passion drives our projects, not constraints. With MABE you will feel valued, allowing the process to become a rewarding experience that delivers the absolute best results. AV companies around the world sell the same products, and the same brands. What makes us different is who we are, not what we sell. At MABE, we're a partner dedicated to helping you present your story with excellence and quality through a process that is not just professional but enjoyable.



MABE exists to advance our client’s business as people worthy of hire with integrity and excellent workmanship. We strive to train men and women to have cutting edge skills in all areas of audio, video, and lighting. Our goal is to enhance the communication of God’s word to all people.


Let us help with your next project

Our trusted, dedicated team is devoted to exceeding your needs with our broad array of industry experience designing, producing, and integrating audio and video solutions.

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