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Designing THE experience.

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The best way to ensure you’re getting the system that you want and need is to have our design team sit down, listen and design it with you. MABE has a full staff of technicians and engineers on hand that can aid in your system design and integration.

Plug into the power of MABE

Proper integration is the difference between an install…and a great install. Your MABE team will review your building aesthetics, cable pathways and the overall structure/look of the project install. It should look and feel like the project was planned from the beginning, not an afterthought.

At MABE, we take pride in our work. With a proper install, the back of the rack should look as good as the front. Cables and equipment should be well labeled and terminated correctly. These tactics play a vital role in the longevity of your install as well. You want qualified, experienced integrators installing your systems…a team of integrators that not only install these products, but that have been end users as well and fully understand the complete process.

And not only do we know how to install these products properly and effectively, but we can train your personnel on how to use them efficiently for your organization, too.

Our philosophy, is a live-style

MABE has more than 20 years of experience in live event productions and equipment rentals. Whether it is a small board room meeting, to thousands of attendees for a concert, MABE has a production team that can meet your needs. We specialize in being a one-stop-shop for your event.

We take care of the technical needs of your event from staging, sound, video, lighting, projection, pipe and drape, to set pieces and more. MABE will coordinate between you and the venue, line up power requirements for your event and even aid you with coordinating with other necessary vendors. We want your event to be enjoyable not only for those that attend, but for you as well. Let MABE make your next event an outstanding experience.


Let us help with your next project

Our trusted, dedicated team is devoted to exceeding your needs with our broad array of industry experience designing, producing, and integrating audio and video solutions.

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