The Assembly at Warner Robins: LED Wall 2021

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The Assembly at Warner Robins is no stranger to the MABE team. They asked MABE back in 2015 to design and integrate state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting systems in their now current building. Fast forward to 2021 and they have asked us to come back to revamp their stage with a 3.9mm LED Wall.

This new wall comes from Splendor LED Stage Displays. It’s a 3.9mm curved wall that stretches 10ft high by 30ft wide with a banner hung above it. There are also two columns on either side of the wall that is 10ft high by 3ft wide. This wall is powered by the NovaPro UHD Jr which is an all-in-one controller that features multiple input connectors, supporting up to 8 inputs simultaneously, and multiple output connectors, including 16 Ethernet and 4 optical fiber ports, and 4K×2K@60Hz ultra-high-definition inputs and outputs. We trained their staff on the wall and continue to help them navigate this new technology.

We are always excited to see this church grow and hope that this wall will help them spread the gospel further!


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