Southeastern University: Admin Building 2020

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This is a brand new 3 story building that will have multiple uses. There will be several conference rooms, executive offices, a broadcast suite, an alumni hall, a presentation room, and a large foyer for prospective students.


1st Floor:          The first floor is designed to be used for prospective students. This space will allow SEU to show these students who they are and what the university is about. In this space, MABE installed a 14ft by 13.5ft Absen 2.5mm LED Wall controlled by the XT1144 BrightSign player. This wall can be used for promotional footage or still images. There is a large presentation room that will host a 24ft wide Da-lite screen with the Panasonic PTRQ32KU 32,000 lumen projector.


2nd Floor:         The second floor will be mainly used for the executive offices and a broadcast studio. There are two conference rooms, one larger room that has a laser projector and ceiling mounted array mics for video conferencing. In the broadcast studio, MABE integrated a Panasonic EVA1 camera that was reconfigured for studio broadcast as opposed to its normal use as a film camera.


3rd Floor:         The third floor will be used as a meeting room that also can be converted into a dining room. This flex space allows them to host large board meetings and dinners as well. We installed 3 Panasonic laser projectors with Meyer CAL 32 Speakers and 750-LFC subs. Chauvet Ovation lights were integrated to provide front room lighting for presentations or speeches.


Equipment Highlight:

  • Meyer – UP-4slim
  • Meyer – CAL 32
  • Meyer – ULTRA-X40
  • Meyer – 750-LFC
  • Absen – 2.5mm LED Wall
  • Panasonic – PTRZ970
  • Panasonic – PTRQ32KU
  • Panasonic – EVA1 Camera
  • BrightSign – XT1144


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