Lakeland Electric: Conference Rooms 2016

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MABE was chosen to design and integrate Lakeland Electric’s high-end conference rooms. Lakeland Electric’s newly renovated conference rooms were designed to work as one large conference room or two separate independent rooms. In separated mode, each conference room has dual 80” monitors for displaying content to the room as well as several smaller monitors for participants in the rear of the room. Each room is equipped with a touch screen control panel by Extron that lets you control each screen in the room as well as the audio and robotic cameras for your meeting. Each room is also equipped with a wireless microphone and conference microphone system. The conference rooms were designed by MABE engineer Richard Vaughn to be as flexible as the client desired them to be. With both rooms, it was requested they be a flexible space that could support many different layouts and meeting styles, Richard had to give great detail to the flexibility of each component in the design of the overall room.

Not only was it important to make sure that the two rooms themselves were flexible but it also needed to work seamlessly when the air wall is up and the room is one large conference room. In this large room configuration, not only do we combine these two systems but we add in video conferencing and multi-camera recording capabilities. One of the requirements for this room was that it would be able to house City Commissioner meetings and record said meetings. MABE accomplished this through the use of a small A\V room across the hall from the conference room that houses all the equipment and control gear. In this room is a complete video and camera control center that allows a single tech the ability to not only control and program all the cameras in the room but also the ability to control all audio and video devices in the room remotely via a third touch screen unit. This gives the tech the ability to do everything he needs to do without being a distraction to the meeting. This also gives him access to both rooms in individual mode so he can troubleshoot a room if they are having any issues.

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