First Assembly of God Panama 2023

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Highlighted Equipment:

  • RCF – HDL6-A Line Array
  • Allen & Heath – Avantis console
  • QSC – Pendant Loudspeakers
  • Epson – 16k Projector
  • Panasonic – 4k Handheld Cameras
  • Black Magic – ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K
  • Chamsys  –  ChamQuickQ30 Console
  • Chauvet – Rogue R2X Spot
  • Chauvet – Rogue R2X Wash


Panama City First Assembly of God recently collaborated with MABE to facilitate the design and integration of cutting-edge AVL systems in their facility. Unfortunately, in 2018, this church was heavily impacted by the destructive force of Hurricane Michael, resulting in significant damage to their infrastructure. Following five years of diligent cleanup, repairs, and renovations, MABE remained resolute in implementing state-of-the-art AVL technology seamlessly in their building.


Audio System:

MABE chose the RCF HDL6-A Line Array for the PA system. With 18 Boxes (9 on either side), it delivers exceptional sound quality and coverage. With its impressive sound projection capabilities, customizable design options, and rugged construction, this system delivers outstanding performance every time. The easy setup process and integrated rigging hardware further enhance its usability. The Avantis console is a mixer that is both compatible and customizable, making it suitable for use by volunteers of any experience level. It has advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and flexible routing options. The console is reliable and ensures high-quality audio performance. It offers a powerful and flexible solution for optimizing the RCF HDL6-A line array’s sound system.

Panama First had a strategic vision to upgrade their front lobby audio system, with a specific emphasis on broadcasting audio from the main sanctuary. We implemented QSC’s AD-P6TBK Pendant Loudspeakers to meet this objective. To facilitate seamless control over the distributed lobby audio, sanctuary audio, house lighting, video power, and more, we deployed the QSC Core 110F processor. Our solution ensures effortless management of various aspects of the audio, video, and lighting systems at Panama First.

Brandon McGowin, Youth Pastor at Panama First, states: “The system we received from MABE and what we had previously is a night and day difference. There has been an adjustment period for the congregation. However, the church has seemed to settle in and is loving the experience. The sound has received the most praise. Having a system that works properly and quality equipment has made it much more enjoyable for them.”

Video System:

Panama First selected a large center-stage screen with a 16,000-lumen Epson Projector as their main video display. In addition, MABE installed two state-of-the-art Panasonic AG-CX350PJ5 4k handheld cameras to enhance their online and on-campus broadcasts. These cameras excel in low-light conditions, making them perfect for capturing Sunday morning services. In the design process, we knew we needed to further improve the broadcast system. We chose to incorporate the Black Magic ATEM Television Studio Pro video switcher. This professional-grade switcher enhances Panama First’s worship services by providing advanced video production capabilities.


Lighting System:

Lighting plays a significant role in creating a captivating and spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Recognizing the importance of this, MABE chose to utilize the Chamsys ChamQuickQ30 console, alongside the Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot and Wash fixtures, bringing forth countless benefits, and enhancing the overall worship experience for the congregation.

MABE’s choice to incorporate the Chamsys ChamQuickQ30 console into their setup is based on its advanced features and easy-to-use interface. With this console, complete control over lighting elements is achieved, enabling the staff to create dynamic visuals for their worship experiences. Furthermore, by including the Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot and Wash lighting fixtures, Panama First has full creative control to establish various moods and atmospheres.

Brandon: “What made MABE stand out above others was multi-faceted. The cost and customer service to help get us up and running was top notch and unbeatable. Our experience was spectacular.  “


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