Family Worship Center: New Cloud Lights 2020

Posted on | Integration

Family Worship Center, located in Lakeland, FL, has a unique ceiling architectural structure. The clouds are curved to the ceiling to make an effect that not only helps with intelligibility in the room but brings a pleasing visual element to their building. FWC previously used LED strips lighting the clouds that they wanted to update. So, they asked MABE if we could come up with a long term solution that colors and changes the ceiling. We installed 12 of the Chauvet COLORdash Batten-Quad 12’s. The COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 is a linear wash fixture with 12 individually controllable quad-colored RGBA LEDs that produce any variation of white as well as richly saturated colors due to the inclusion of amber LEDs. These small LED strip lights changed the look for the sanctuary at Family Worship Center!

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