Cultivation Church 2023

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MABE was contracted to provide professional design and integration services for Cultivation Church in Covington, Louisiana. Our AVL expertise was utilized to enhance the brand-new House of Worship building under the guidance of Pastor Matt Donley.


In order to enhance the acoustics of the square-shaped building, Cultivation sought a solution. MABE selected Prime Acoustics Broadband Panels for this purpose. These panels offer outstanding broadband absorption capabilities, allowing for effective control of sound energy across a wide frequency range. From low to high frequencies, every detail will be heard with clarity thanks to these panels.


The audio system for Cultivation’s sanctuary was carefully selected, with Adamson’s IS7 line array and IS118 Subs. The IS7 line array offers remarkable sound quality, ensuring that the entire space is filled with rich and immersive audio. Additionally, the 118 subs provide the necessary low-frequency reinforcement, creating a powerful and impactful bass response. When combined, these two components create a truly captivating and engaging experience for all members of Cultivation.


The Splendor Boone LED wall was the obvious choice for its dependable performance. Its slim profile, measuring only 3.91mm thick, allows for a seamless and polished installation. When paired with Chauvet’s Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC and SlimPAR Pro, these exceptional pieces of equipment come together to deliver a visually stunning experience.


The Grand Opening of Cultivation Church was a resounding success, with a record attendance of over 700 individuals. MABE’s exceptional work was highly praised and greatly contributed to the positive outcome. Cultivation Church expresses its utmost satisfaction with the completed project. We anticipate an exciting future for Cultivation Church as they continue to share the Gospel in their community!



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