Christian Life Center: Adamson System 2022

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Christian Life Center enlisted MABE’s assistance in designing and integrating an audio setup for their sanctuary. After careful consideration, the IS10 Line Array with the IS119 Subwoofers from Adamson Systems was chosen due to its best-suited capabilities for CLC’s needs.


The Adamson Systems IS10 Audio Line Array is an ideal loudspeaker solution for those seeking high-quality audio, superior sound clarity, and effortless control. When it comes to sound reinforcement, there is no better combination than the Adamson Systems IS10 audio line array paired with Lab Gruppen D120:4L Amplifier. The Adamson IS10 is a highly efficient, 3-way line array system with an intelligent design that offers superior sonic clarity, even coverage, and impressive SPLs.


The Lab Gruppen D120:4L is a digital amplifier offering superb sound quality and reliable performance. The D120:4L has four channels, each with 120 watts of power, allowing the user to efficiently and effectively drive the IS10 line array. The amp is fully configurable and features analog and digital inputs.


The IS119 Subwoofer is an 18” subwoofer explicitly designed to complement the IS10. The subwoofer features a high-excursion driver, a superior neodymium motor system, and an optimized cabinet design, enabling it to achieve maximum output with minimal distortion. The IS119 is capable of a maximum output of 136 dB SPL and a frequency response of 40 Hz.


We’re delighted to have supplied CLC with a cost-effective solution for their requirements. Our team is proud of the results, and we trust that CLC is satisfied with their new system.


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