Bethel Church Blackwood, NJ 2019

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MABE integrated a new audio and video system at Bethel Church in Blackwood, New Jersey. To better improve the audio, we installed an Allen & Heath SQ-7 and an implemented Dante network for future growth and expansion. For the video, we installed three new Panasonic laser projectors. One 12k PT-RZ120, which provides a filterless cooling system and uncommonly high brightness, and two PT-RZ870BU projectors which are also 1-chip DLP technology. The Blackmagic switcher system allows them to have independent control of their video stream as well as being able to put different images on the two outer screens. The cameras that were chosen were the Panasonic AJPX-270’s with IRS control.

After the install was completed, we took the time and spent the day with Bethel’s volunteer tech team to train and equip them on their new gear. MABE was happy to play a role in Bethel Church’s AV installation and we look forward to working with them in the future!


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