Southeastern University College of Natural & Health Sciences June 2015

Southeastern University’s College of Natural & Health Sciences Houses 17 media enhanced classrooms ranging from standard classrooms, to Chemistry labs to a large lecture hall. Continuity between rooms is key for faculty. Each room should function and operate similarly even though the layout or complexity of the system may be different. MABE keeps things simple with end users by using Crestron control systems and touchscreens for the project. In each room regardless of the size or capabilities you begin your experience by using a touchscreen to operate the system. This allows users to control lights, motorized projector screens, DVD players, audio systems and Smartboards all from one location in the room. These controls are located at the professor’s podium which allow easy hookup to the presenter’s device. Not only does the presenter have control of the media system at their fingertips but also intercom capabilities that allow them to talk to tech support or campus security.

Crestron control systems are not only great for the end users in the room but also for the Media Services Department that oversees this area. On the back end they can monitor the vitals of the room. They can check if everything is working properly, what projector’s lamp life is, as well as what systems are in use and what department is using them. They also have the ability to control the room remotely to help a professor if he/she were having an issue in a room. MABE was proud to once again partner with Southeastern University on another media project.

Account Rep: Steve Griner